Carla Gordon

Carla Gordon

Allow me to introduce myself…

Please allow me to introduce myself. Aside from being a colored pencil artist, I am a pediatrician, a wife, a mother of twins, and an avid traveler. I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA where I lived until moving to Washington, DC for college and medical training. I currently reside in Texas with my family and our beloved dog chica.

Picture of the family visiting Chicago

Growing up, I was always interested in art. During my preschool years, I entered and won a coloring contest at our local Boo at the Zoo (a proud moment for a 4 year old nonetheless!)

Sadly I do not have a copy of the award-winning picture so here’s a picture of preschool Carla instead

It was during high school when I was introduced to the technical aspects of art (the drawing how-tos, perspective, color theory, etc). My interest in art thrived at this time, particularly in oil painting.

Self Portrait using oil paints, created during my junior year of high school

During my senior year of high school, however, my art career was temporarily paused as my family had to relocate following Hurricane Katrina. I was not able to continue taking art classes at my new high school and my focus at that time shifted to preparation for my medical training. I would occasionally paint every so often but not to the extent of my early high school years.

Fast-forwarding a few years (well 11 years to be exact), I rekindled my passion for art after settling in my role as a physician attending and a mom of twins (which is a separate job in itself).

But why the switch to colored pencils?

I was hesitant to fully recommit to art, particular oil paints, with the fear that my young kids can walk in and cause a huge mess. After doing some research, I was amazed at the quality of art that can be produced with the use of colored pencils. Hence, my colored pencil studying began. Now when I produce art, I have my kids (and my dog chica) right beside me. All the while, I do not have to worry about them causing a mess nor any issues with inhaling any fumes.

My daughter trying out my colored pencils

My dog Chica using my drawing pad as a pillow

In future posts, I will plan on expanding on my year of learning colored pencil techniques. It has been a fun journey and I still find myself learning more about colored pencils everyday.

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