Crawfish Fine Art Print
Carla Gordon

Carla Gordon

Behind the scenes: Nola Food Edition

For this post, I’ll go behind the scenes for one of the pictures in the Nola Food Collection. Let’s jump in and take an in-depth look at the Crawfish Art Print.

Crawfish Fine Art Print

The preparation for the drawing process is of utmost importance. The best part about the preparation for this piece is that it involved buying and eating freshly-made crawfish!

Personally, I always like to have a model to copy for the picture. This helps with image accuracy. I typically take dozens of pictures until I get the right angle and lighting.

Crawfish photo shoot

My little helper taking some pictures for me

I then edit this picture with photoshop to remove the background (distractions!). I prefer to have a solid white background.

Once my model picture is done, I then start the drawing process. It begins with a sketch of the image, followed by me methodically filling in each color.

I frequently reference the grid image while I’m creating my colored pencil drawing. Also, I am constantly sharpening my pencils to ensure sharp details. The drawing is complete once all the elements are colored in and blended together. The final piece is scanned and ready for print!

Nola Food Crawfish

This print is available in the Nola Food Shop. Continue to follow the blog for future behind the scenes posts. In upcoming posts, I will go into more detail about the color selection and blending processes.



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