The Fruit Collection

The Fruit Collection is about vibrancy and fun patterns. These images are close-up drawings of select fruit that really showcase the bright colors found in these delicious treats.

As a pediatrician, I value good nutritious food (particularly if it’s yummy!). In the past I’ve had the opportunity to teach children in school the importance of healthy eating and how it affects the body.

Fittingly the charity that I chose to connect to this collection is all about fresh fruits and veggies.


Brighter Bites is a non-profit oraganization with the mission to create communities of health through fresh foods. Specifically, they deliver fruits and vegetables to families while providing nutrition education.


Families enrolled in the program receive a bag that contains approximately 50 servings of fresh produce for 16 weeks during the school year. In addition, each bag comes with a nutrition handbooks and recipes.

More info on this awesome non-profit can be found on their website

Check out the art from the Fruit Collection here. 20% of all sales will be donated to Brighter Bites

The Pup Collection

I created the Pup Collection with my own special pup in mind.

Introducing Chica

In 2012, I adopted my adorably chunky chihuahua-mix Chica. I nearly overlooked her at the shelter because she was parked in a small corner taking a nap. Luckily, I took a second look!

A live representation of a Chica nap

The bond that we experience with “Man’s Best Friend” is like no other. I was fortunate to quickly establish this bond and connection with Chica (she cuddled with me on the couch within hours of adoption).

I adopted Chica from the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC. She was surrendered by her original owner to a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. She was brought to DC where she was cared for at the Humane Rescue Alliance until we were united together.

Hanging out with Chica at a DC brunch

It is absolutely fitting that the Humane Rescue Alliance is the charity represented by the Pup Collection. Aside from their mission to bring people and animals together, they are dedicated to providing affordable veterinary care. They offer a low cost vaccination clinic as well as a discounted full service vet clinic to income-qualified families.


The Humane Rescue Alliance is involved in many more endeavors that I cannot squeeze into this blog post. Please check out their website to learn more about the awesome work that they are doing.

Check out the art from the Pup Collection here. 20% of all sales will be donated to the Humane Rescue Alliance.

The Safari Collection

The Safari Collection is inspired by a trip I took to Tanzania in 2014. After spending a month in the town of Mbeya to work with a local Pediatric clinic, I met up with my family for a Safari trek around the country of Tanzania.  As an animal lover, this up close and personal experience was unmatched to any animal encounters I’ve had in the past.

A friendly lion decided to join our Safari caravan and take in some shade under one of the jeeps

Even though I only had a simple point-and-shoot camera at the time, it was not hard for me to capture amazing moments on film.

The drawings of the Safari collection are modeled from photos that I was able to take during this trip. My hope is that these images can showcase the beauty we were able to experience during our safari.

Lion Print

The charity connected to this collection is the African Wildlife Foundation. Their mission is to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. In addition to wildlife conservation, the foundation provides support to habitat protection, community empowerment, and economic development. Click here to read more about the work of the African Wildlife Foundation.

For the Safari Collection, 20% of all sales will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation. Follow this link to shop the collection.

Crawfish Fine Art Print

Behind the scenes: Nola Food Edition

For this post, I’ll go behind the scenes for one of the pictures in the Nola Food Collection. Let’s jump in and take an in-depth look at the Crawfish Art Print.

Crawfish Fine Art Print

The preparation for the drawing process is of utmost importance. The best part about the preparation for this piece is that it involved buying and eating freshly-made crawfish!

Personally, I always like to have a model to copy for the picture. This helps with image accuracy. I typically take dozens of pictures until I get the right angle and lighting.

Crawfish photo shoot

My little helper taking some pictures for me

I then edit this picture with photoshop to remove the background (distractions!). I prefer to have a solid white background.

Once my model picture is done, I then start the drawing process. It begins with a sketch of the image, followed by me methodically filling in each color.

I frequently reference the grid image while I’m creating my colored pencil drawing. Also, I am constantly sharpening my pencils to ensure sharp details. The drawing is complete once all the elements are colored in and blended together. The final piece is scanned and ready for print!

Nola Food Crawfish

This print is available in the Nola Food Shop. Continue to follow the blog for future behind the scenes posts. In upcoming posts, I will go into more detail about the color selection and blending processes.



The Nola Food Collection

The Nola Food collection is my debut collection for Carla Gordon Art. It is inspired by my hometown of New Orleans, LA. New Orleans is known for many things (the music, the architecture and Mardi Gras to name a few).

Scenes around New Orleans

Most famously, New Orleans is known for its cuisine. The food is my favorite aspect about the city. Every time I visit New Orleans, I have a list of things that I must eat!

Crawfish is at the top of that list!

With this collection, I showcase my favorite New Orleans dishes and treats. Since it is all about food, I decided to connect this collection to a charity whose mission is to combat hunger. More specifically, as a pediatrician, I feel it is important to bring light to childhood hunger. No Kid Hungry does just that.

No Kids Hungry is a national charity with a simple and strong mission: no kid in America should go hungry. They strive to achieve this mission through various outreach programs that range from local impact to policy influence. Click here to read more about the specific campaigns that No Kid Hungry is involved in. Click here to read more about the Louisiana Chapter of No Kid Hungry

Donations to No Kid Hungry provide grants, supplies, and technical assistance to feed kids. The donations fund their work to recruit new summer meal sites, help schools provide breakfast for kids facing hunger and teach families how to prevent hunger at home (source: No Kids Hungry FAQ).

For the Nola Food collection, 20% of all sales will be donated to No Kids Hungry. Please follow this link to shop the collection.

Allow me to introduce myself…

Please allow me to introduce myself. Aside from being a colored pencil artist, I am a pediatrician, a wife, a mother of twins, and an avid traveler. I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA where I lived until moving to Washington, DC for college and medical training. I currently reside in Texas with my family and our beloved dog chica.

Picture of the family visiting Chicago

Growing up, I was always interested in art. During my preschool years, I entered and won a coloring contest at our local Boo at the Zoo (a proud moment for a 4 year old nonetheless!)

Sadly I do not have a copy of the award-winning picture so here’s a picture of preschool Carla instead

It was during high school when I was introduced to the technical aspects of art (the drawing how-tos, perspective, color theory, etc). My interest in art thrived at this time, particularly in oil painting.

Self Portrait using oil paints, created during my junior year of high school

During my senior year of high school, however, my art career was temporarily paused as my family had to relocate following Hurricane Katrina. I was not able to continue taking art classes at my new high school and my focus at that time shifted to preparation for my medical training. I would occasionally paint every so often but not to the extent of my early high school years.

Fast-forwarding a few years (well 11 years to be exact), I rekindled my passion for art after settling in my role as a physician attending and a mom of twins (which is a separate job in itself).

But why the switch to colored pencils?

I was hesitant to fully recommit to art, particular oil paints, with the fear that my young kids can walk in and cause a huge mess. After doing some research, I was amazed at the quality of art that can be produced with the use of colored pencils. Hence, my colored pencil studying began. Now when I produce art, I have my kids (and my dog chica) right beside me. All the while, I do not have to worry about them causing a mess nor any issues with inhaling any fumes.

My daughter trying out my colored pencils

My dog Chica using my drawing pad as a pillow

In future posts, I will plan on expanding on my year of learning colored pencil techniques. It has been a fun journey and I still find myself learning more about colored pencils everyday.


Welcome to my passion project: Carla Gordon Art! This new venture showcases collections of colored pencil drawings that I have thoughtfully created. Each colored pencil creation will be available for purchase as a print (on paper, canvas or special products).

Many of these collections will be inspired by people, places, and moments in my life.  I will use this inspiration to pinpoint a charity that I will connect to each collection. Since charity is a core component of Carla Gordon Art, I will donate 25% of every sell to select charities.

Subscribe to my blog for updates on the art collections I create. In addition, follow me on social media for pictures of Works in Progress.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to you exploring my work.