Carla Gordon

Carla Gordon

The Fruit Collection is about vibrancy and fun patterns. These images are close-up drawings of select fruit that really showcase the bright colors found in these delicious treats.

As a pediatrician, I value good nutritious food (particularly if it’s yummy!). In the past I’ve had the opportunity to teach children in school the importance of healthy eating and how it affects the body.

Fittingly the charity that I chose to connect to this collection is all about fresh fruits and veggies.


Brighter Bites is a non-profit oraganization with the mission to create communities of health through fresh foods. Specifically, they deliver fruits and vegetables to families while providing nutrition education.


Families enrolled in the program receive a bag that contains approximately 50 servings of fresh produce for 16 weeks during the school year. In addition, each bag comes with a nutrition handbooks and recipes.

More info on this awesome non-profit can be found on their website

Check out the art from the Fruit Collection here. 20% of all sales will be donated to Brighter Bites

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