Carla Gordon

Carla Gordon

The Safari Collection

The Safari Collection is inspired by a trip I took to Tanzania in 2014. After spending a month in the town of Mbeya to work with a local Pediatric clinic, I met up with my family for a Safari trek around the country of Tanzania.  As an animal lover, this up close and personal experience was unmatched to any animal encounters I’ve had in the past.

A friendly lion decided to join our Safari caravan and take in some shade under one of the jeeps

Even though I only had a simple point-and-shoot camera at the time, it was not hard for me to capture amazing moments on film.

The drawings of the Safari collection are modeled from photos that I was able to take during this trip. My hope is that these images can showcase the beauty we were able to experience during our safari.

Lion Print

The charity connected to this collection is the African Wildlife Foundation. Their mission is to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. In addition to wildlife conservation, the foundation provides support to habitat protection, community empowerment, and economic development. Click here to read more about the work of the African Wildlife Foundation.

For the Safari Collection, 20% of all sales will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation. Follow this link to shop the collection.

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